The Cake Maker Recipe #1 – The Spark

Art  Aristotle

Where did it all begin?  It was way, way back in 2007 when I won £1500 from Images of Black Women Film Festival for my short film, Shantell Town.  The money was to go towards another short film, but I’d just been shortlisted to make a £10,000 short with B3 Media.  My script was chosen and after several  drafts of development, we made Enter The Preacher in 2008.  After two heavily, stylised films I wanted to go back to basics.  This was now 2009 and the prize money still hadn’t produced another film.  I went to Cannes Short Film Corner with Enter The Preacher and was inspired by the other filmmakers I met.  Two women imparticular. They’d  been Cannes the previous  year with a short and returned with a feature.  I was like, “I’m gonna do that”.  I came back from Cannes with attitude: “I’m not asking. I’m telling”, “Taking control of my destiny”.  Proper fighting talk.

Another thing I took from Cannes was the name Aristotle.  Before going to Cannes my future-husband met a guy called Aristotle who was from Cannes.  He told us he’d be there for the festival and we met up.  I thought if this guy can be called Aristotle, then so can one of my characters.  A normal person can have an amazing name, that is probably a part of their journey.

With The Cake Maker, I wanted to love making films and find my reason for doing it.

The Cake Maker Recipe #2 – The Script