Top 10 Freelancer Tips

I’m Paulette Caletti, creator of The Cake Maker movie.  I’ve worked in production since 2001 and during that time freelanced with Callbox Diary for five years.

Having recently been a speaker at Underwire Freelancing 101, I came away thinking I should have given better tips. So here are my rapid fire top ten tips.  Some of this may seem very obvious but it’s worth repeating.

  1. Knock on doors – it’s great to be able to put a face to a CV, so pop in and introduce yourself.
  2. Prompt invoicing – equals prompt pay. Production staff are also freelancers so may only be around one week after the job.
  3. Make good tea – you can tell a lot about someone by how they make tea.
  4. Don’t be late – nothing worse than being late to a shoot.
  5. Relax – when you’re sharing a small office space, you become very aware of any tension.
  6. Be professional – always arrive ready to work.
  7. Be nice – happy, helpful, keen people always wanted.
  8. It’s fine to say no – you don’t have to take every job you’re offered.
  9. E-mail confirmation – proof of the job and pay.
  10. Have fun! – it’s great being your own boss so enjoy the freedom.

We can’t be all things every day, so if you have a bad day remember there’s always tomorrow.

Underwire Festival Programme Launch – 30th September 2015 7pm