New photos


The film was shot in our rented flat five years ago where we still live.  We’re still on set and this is The Cake Maker kitchen, #CMMKitchen.

Today I’m working on new images for the film.  These could just be a test, but if they’re good enough I’ll use them for the poster. Money of course is an issue so I’m using my Nikon Coolpix camera.  The i-phone 6 is good for testing out different filters.  Because the film’s being released online, I don’t have to worry about printing.  I just need a brand image to use across  social media platforms.

Stefan Lubomirski de Vaux shot behind the scenes photos during the shoot.  To promote the film  I need a poster to convey what the story is about. The Cake Maker is a gangster-thriller with baking elements.